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Currently, automatic fire suppression systems are very useful products for human beings. It automatically detects and notifies the fire location.

It also automatically checks the working status as well as the operating environment of the system periodically.

So how do we maintain our automated fire fighting systems so that it will be effective and safe?

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1. We must regularly clean equipment including pumps, control centers and pressure clocks.

2. Check the working ability of the pumps, the tightness of the joints and the test equipment, the measurement of the system.

3. Check the status of the valves and piping systems, nozzles.

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4.Check the installation environment, the working mode of the compensator or the fire detector, the fire alarm button.

5. Check the pressure of the manometer above and below the check valve opening.

6.Check the adaptability of the system components to environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.

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7.  All work is done periodically and detailed in the log to monitor the system for the best maintenance for the system.

Wishing to provide knowledge of fire prevention and effective and safe. The OlymSafety Solution would like to share with everyone the maintenance of effective and safe firefighting equipment, hoping to provide everyone with useful and safe knowledge.

Your Safety, we care !

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