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Currently in production process happens a lot of fire cases in machinery and equipment in the production process.

Especially fires in Truong Hai Auto Company in Quang Nam damage billions burned 3200 square meters of workshop and the whole of automotive components.

Therefore, we should have nothing to fire prevention measures in the manufacturing process?

Các biện pháp phòng cháy trong quá trình sản xuất

  • Planning and building structures to ensure the safety of buildings and factories.
  •  Building standards, fire safety rules for each production process.
  • Replace the dangers of fire in unburned substances or less dangerous than fire. Appropriate layout of equipment and technology, using the device automatically adjusts pressure, temperature.


Các biện pháp phòng cháy trong quá trình sản xuất 2

  • System installation design incident liquid discharge, gas and solids evacuated when the fire incident occurred.
  • Disseminating knowledge and raising the awareness of officials and staff knowledge of fire prevention to ensure safety.

With the desire to fulfill the mission “For a safe world.” The OlymSafety Solution would like to share with everyone the emergency hemostatic measures, hoping to give people the knowledge useful and happy life you have.

Your Safety, we care !

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