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Most people think that a fire usually occurs in large-scale manufacturing enterprises and small-scale manufacturing enterprises are less likely to be exposed to fire.


But that is not entirely true, because when we do not have fire safety measures and have effective fire fighting equipment, anywhere in the fire.


Especially as the fire in Can Tho factory caused great damage, burned the whole workshop and burned for 5 consecutive days, causing damage of 13 million USD.


So we need to take measures to prevent fire safety in the event of a fire?


Phòng cháy chữa cháy tại các doanh nghiệp


  • Avoid storing or storing combustible materials in piles in production areas such as manufacturing materials or waste.


  • Make sure that all machinery is operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and cleanliness is maintained.


  • Enterprises must have adequate fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers to handle fire in time.


Phòng cháy chữa chá tại các doanh nghiệp 1


  • If your business contains dangerous goods, ensure proper use and preservation.


  • Ensure that businesses have specific fire prevention plans and specific training for staff to comply with.


Wishing to fulfill the mission “For a world of safety”. The OlymSafety Solution would like to share with everyone the fire department at the business, hoping to provide people with useful knowledge and happy life.


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