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Fire is an accident that occurs unexpectedly and has extremely serious consequences to human beings. It can take your life and burn your property quickly.

So we need to plan to escape to respond in time when the fire. The OlymSafety Solution would like to share with you 7 steps to escape any safety in the place.

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Step 1: Identify exits

If you are away from home like a hotel or at a friend’s house, you have to see where the exits are.

If you live in a high rise apartment block, escape exits are stairs and provide access to family members. Absolutely no escape from the elevator.

Step 2. Move quickly

Do not stop to call the fire department or take time to get dressed or take any furniture. If you have smelled smoke or seen flames, you need to move quickly.

Step 3. Check the heat door before opening

If the door is too hot, you have to find another way. The fire can stand on the other side and opening the door can give it the oxygen it needs to spread the fire.

7 bước thoát nạn an toàn

Step 4. Lie down on the ground to avoid breathing in smoke

The leading cause of death or injury in a fire is mainly due to asphyxiation, or lack of oxygen caused by the smoke. So crawling or lying on the ground can overcome choking.

Step 5. If you hold any firefighters you must drop immediately

If you are smoking and handling flammable items, take them down and crawl out of the fire. If you are burning clothes or hair, immediately grab a wet blanket to get out quickly.

Step 6. After exiting call 114

When members have escaped from safety, call firefighters to report their location to fire immediately.

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Step 7. Do not go back inside

People absolutely can not go back to the fire, even if the small fire has not spread out, to ensure their safety.

With the desire to fulfill the mission “For a safe world.” The OlymSafety Solution would like to share with everyone safety measures, hoping to provide people with useful knowledge and happy life.

Your Safety, we care !

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