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Electrical equipment plays a very important role in our lives, and it meets everyday needs and consumption, which is an indispensable device.

But sometimes, we have to encounter fire and explosion as a result of extremely serious consequences to people and property.

So what are the causes of electrical equipment fire ?

1. Short circuit

– Short circuit is a state of failure in the electrical system when truncated phases or phases collide and touch the ground.

– Short-circuits can occur due to the vegetation on the phase line when there are thunderstorms, mainly occur in the transmission system.

– May be due to the time the conductor and cable work overtime allowed.

– Conductors and cables damaged electrical insulation is the result of stretching, excessive bending.

– Insulators are destroyed by the effects of high temperatures or bare flames when a fire occurs.

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2. Too load

– Overloading is a state of failure in the electrical system that occurs when the electrical current that results in a greater working current than the allowable current.

– Overloading may be due to improper calculation of conductor cross section, power cables. If the conductor cross section is less than specified, closing the circuit of the power consuming device will cause overload.

-Choose electric motors with a capacity not suitable for the capacity of the network.

– While used due to additional load and not calculated when design.

– Use of floating electrical equipment, not originated and not verified, quality is not guaranteed.

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3. Relay resistance

– Resists the transition of electric current from one contact surface to another by the actual area of contact between them.

– The cause may be due to the contraction of the transmission line.

– Due to weak contact pressure contact.

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– Because of poorly conductive conductive materials and poorly contacted surface.

-The exposed surface is strongly oxidized to form a thin layer of oxide, which has a much higher resistivity than that of pure metals.

Above are three common causes of fire in electrical appliances. The OlymSafety Solution hopes to give people more knowledge and effective fire protection measures for electrical appliances.

            Your Safety, We Care !

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